{Whimsical Feature} Police Themed Birthday Party


You read about cops and robbers in the news- you see the cops out on the streets, helping people and catching the bad guys.  It is great imaginative play for little kids- especially little boys!  How fun is it to have a Cops and Robbers birthday party, complete with a line up photos, chalk outline of a body, and a Police Academy Completion Certificate!  Stephanie of Spaceships and Laser Beams is the queen of boys’ parties and she did wonders with this police themed party for her little boy!

Stephanie said: Like lots of guys his age, my four-year-old has fun playing good guy/bad guy. A cops and robbers birthday party theme seemed perfect! I used our Cops and Robbers printable collection which features a comical policeman and a not-so-scary robber. The dessert table backdrop was made from an enlargement of our decorative paper and a cropped version of the pair from our thank you card. That duo starred on the cake, cake pops and throughout the party décor. They also encouraged a lot of role playing with the small fry as they took turns being the policeman and the robber! They especially liked the photo “booth” which was a mock suspects’ line-up.

After eating lots of treats, playing games and capturing the robber decals I hid around the yard, the kids went home with their own police kit favors and a stuffed animal police dog. My four-year-old thought “it was awesome, Mommy”…sweet words any mom would like to hear!

cake-pops-police-party.jpg party-food-ideas-for-police-birthday.jpg party-food-police-birthday.jpg police-birthday-cake.jpg police-birthday-party-clothing.jpg police-birthday-party-decoration-diy.jpg police-birthday-party-decorations.jpg police-birthday-party-dessert-table.jpg police-birthday-party-dessert-table-ideas.jpg police-birthday-party-favor-ideas-certificate.jpg police-birthday-party-favor-kits.jpg police-birthday-party-favors.jpg police-birthday-party-food.jpg police-birthday-party-games-ideas.jpg police-birthday-party-photo-booth.jpg police-birthday-party-police-kit-favors.jpg police-birthday-party-printable-supplies.jpg police-birthday-party-supplies-cops-and-robbers.jpg police-birthday-party-supplies-water-bottle-wrappers.jpg police-car-cupcakes-birthday-party.jpg police-party-cupcake-ideas.jpg police-party-food-bags-cherries.jpg police-party-food-cake-pops.jpg police-party-food-robber-cake-pops.jpg


Styling and Photography:  Spaceships and Laser Beams

Printables:  Spaceships and Laser Beams Etsy Shop 

Cake Pops:  Evie and Mallow


{Whimsical Feature} Painting Party

IMG_1453 (1)

Pastels, glitter, and paintbrushes- a few of a young girl’s favorite things.  Glittery painting party is exactly what little Rosie wanted!  I love how the cake looks like it is dripping paint, and how glitter was added everywhere!  We love glitter, and we love art and this party is just amazing.  I also love how this mama used lots of paint sample chips in the decor- especially in the frames and glittered the words on them!  This is one painting party that has to be checked out if you have a child who loves art! [Read more...]

{Whimsical Feature} Horse Birthday Party

horse party bag

Horses are magnificent creatures.  It is no secret that children are in awe of them when they are not scared of them.  It does not matter where you live, kids will see horses anywhere and wonder what it is like to have one, to ride one, to love.  Here is a really sweet horse party that Melissa from Paper Crown Coterie threw together for her daughter.  I think the most fun was had when the kids got to paint their own horses! [Read more...]

{Whimsical Feature} High Two Tea Party Birthday


Tea Parties are oh so much fun.  Little girls love to dress up and act like they’re a little older than they should be and sit around with their pinkies up drinking tea from beautiful tea cups.  It is no question that a tea party loving little girl should not have a tea party for her birthday!  Carla from SugarCrumb Parlour put together a fabulous and fancy High Two tea party for Samara and let me tell you- there is no end to the amazing sweets that she did for this party!  From gorgeous cookies to an awesome macaron tower- ANY little girl would be in sugar heaven! [Read more...]

{Whimsical Feature} Little Sunshine First Birthday


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey…..

We think the world of our children.  They brighten our days, make us happy, and we are grateful for them.  As their parents, we always want to give our best to the ones we love- and making their first birthday the best is one of those things.  Thanh of  Sweet Event Styling by Thanh created a very sweet and bright Little Sunshine First Birthday for a precious little girl upon the request of her mother.  I love how the cake was made with the sun rising, and macarons “growing” in the fenced in grass below the cupcakes.  This party is sure to make anyone feel special!

[Read more...]