LaLa’s 4th Birthday {Vintage Pony Soiree}

I am so thrilled to finally be able to share all the photos from my daughter’s Vintage Pony Soiree! It’s been months in the making with a few setbacks including having to move the party by two months. But it finally happened and I couldn’t be more happy!  My LaLa originally wanted a Princess Mermaid Party but then changed her mind when the hubby mentioned ponies… so it was back to the drawing board. With so many Pony Parties out there I wanted to create something different. I wanted Shabby Chic with lace, burlap, satin in pinks and turquoises. I was very excited with the invitation and printables once they were complete! I spent many months laying out how I wanted it set up but I knew that I wanted straw all over the floor with crates for chairs and then mixed with all the pretty shabby decor. My hardest part was it being the summer and the heat being terrible, I had to figure a way for the sun to not be directly on the set up. So we purchased a long tent and it worked out wonderfully! It reminded me of a fair ground setting.

{The Dessert Table}

I used my daughters chandelier and attached roses to each piece and hung above the dessert table. It was just one of the elements that I knew had to be there no matter what!

The backdrop was a work in progress… I knew what I wanted in my head but getting it out and together was a whole other story. I wanted the colors to pop and yet still not stand out way too much. I spent all week and up 6:30 am the night before the party working on the each of the pinwheels till it was just right. Lots of pinwheels were made and used! I purchased all of my paper from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. One Stylish Party contacted me about the confetti balloons and tassels and I’m very pleased that I got them! They made the table stand out even more!

I wanted a different way to display the lollipops and so purchased a plain wood step stool from Hobby Lobby and spray painted it pink, then drilled holes for the lollipops. To make them stagger like they did was easy… I just cut the ends of each lollipop accordingly. For the brigadeiros, I wanted to display them without being on just a plate since they were so pretty! I rented the container that they were displayed in from Parties By Design. It was the perfect size and left me with a few extras to munch on!

My other favorite item I created was the table runner under the cookies. I had originally planned on using it on the children’s table but found out I liked it much better on the crate. It was so much fun to create! I purchased burlap by the yard and cut down the middle. I used bits of fabric and lace to trim it with and then made fabric rosettes for it as well. The cookies were made to match the printables and Artfully Delicious did an amazing job replicating the horse I had created! I contacted Maskipop By Adri for some pearl sticks for my cake pops and one thing led to another and she ended up not only making the pearl sticks, she also created the gorgeous rose cake pops, the pearl and shimmer cake pops with fondant roses on them. She also created a few roses a little larger so that I could place them on my daughters cake! I was in heaven when I opened the box and even more so once I was able to display them! Bonbon created the macarons for me too! She was ever so patient as they evolved from plain ones to different colored and then dipped in chocolate and then finally I asked once more for there to be pearls on them and she happily obliged! And oh! They tasted absolutely delicious! The fondant and chocolate covered oreos are always a hit at each party and I was lucky to have any left over! All fondant was made to match the printables and Lynlee’s Petite Cakes along with Love & Sugar Kisses never disappoint when it comes to fondant for my cupcakes and oreos!! Sweet Temptations made the cutest lace covered chocolate covered oreos as well and they had their very own cake stand! The elegant larger rose cupcakes were a last minute decision but I’m so very happy that I got them! I met MJ Occasions through a neighbor and she made the rose cupcakes, pearl brigadeiros and all three of LaLa’s cakes!

{The Cake Table}

I wanted LaLa’s cakes {made by MJ Occasions} to be displayed on their own since there were three. I used one of the lollipops that Vintage Confections made as a cake topper too! I was very fortunate that my sweet friend JoAnne from Oh Goodie Designs was able to ship me the white ruffle tablecloth {it’s actually a shower curtain!} It made the table stand out just right. I was contacted by Myour Stories Designs and she wanted to create a custom frame for the party and I was floored with the frame that arrived!

{Children’s Table}

The children’s table was a little harder to put together than I had originally planned. Parties By Design created the tulle ruffle tableskirt but I also wanted another table cloth on top and so I put the pink silk fabric that I purchased from Hobby Lobby and it worked out perfectly!  I found a table runner at Home Goods during Easter and I knew at that time that I would use it and it was the perfect addition to the children’s table. I found the pink horse {originally black} in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby. That little guy was a pain to paint! I think all in all I used two cans of pink spray paint just to made sure all crevices where covered and you couldn’t see any black!

I always save my glass jars from Starbucks and soak them in hot soapy water to remove the labels. I’ve got a pretty good collection going over the years. I decided this year to fold doilies in half and attach a ribbon around them. Bespoke Party Products was so kind to create custom wooden cutlery for the table as well. They even added a horse to the bottom of them!

Behind the children’s table I stacked up the bales of straw and placed the natural berry baskets that Cute Kids Food Box sent over. I didn’t want to paint them or change them up too much so just tied strips of fabric around each one. I place a doily inside each one and the children’s snack. It was easy for them to reach and grab them as needed. On either side where drinks and more treats as well. I purchased the sparkling lemonade bottles from Home Goods and soaked them to remove their labels so I could add my own drink and neck wraps. On the background, I placed burlap along the fence and added a fabric bunting that I created myself.

{Thank You Stand/Gifts}

I found a rustic wooden bookshelf on and used it as my thank you gift station. There was sensa-dough, chocolate horses, bubbles, and lots of treats! Piggy Bank Parties created the cutest custom favor boxes for us too! I purchased mini plastic horses and hot glued them to tops of mason jars and then spray painted them pink. I had seen this idea around the web and decided to give it a try! Each container had a little bit of sweet for each child to go home with as well.

The children were able to ride a pony or horse when they arrived and then spend the rest of the time either at the dessert table or on the water slide! We did have a game of “Pin The Tale On The Pony” but with the heat down here in Texas the children opted for the water slide. They were able to snack on fruit and chicken nuggets and treats galore!

All of these gorgeous photos were taken by Pagette Callendar Photography. I have to say that had she not shown up when she did… this party might not have happened when it did!  She ran around helping me set up and was taking photos all along the way! She knew just what to do and made my day!

{if you would like to feature this party please feel free to do so but remember to include links to vendors! They worked so very hard for this wonderful occasion. I would love to have a link back to you as well! Thank you!}



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You can purchase the Invitation and/or Instant Collection to this party by clicking on one of the photos below!

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Event Styling: Whimsically Detailed

Printables: Whimsically Detailed

Photography: Pagette Callender Photography

Macarons: Bonbon

Cakes, Flower Cupcakes, Pearl Brigadeiros: MJ Occasions

Rose Cake Pops, Fondant Roses for Cakes, & Pearl Sticks: Maskipop By Adri

Favor Boxes: Piggy Bank Parties

Custom Wooden Cutlery: Bespoke Party Products

Fondant Cupcake Toppers: Lynlee’s Petite Cakes

Pearl Wreath: Sweet Georgia Sweet

Fondant Oreos: Love & Sugar Kisses

Chocolate Covered Oreos: Sweet Temptations

Berry Baskets & Soda Pop Bottles: Cute Kids Food Box

Cookies: Artfully Delicious

Kandy Kones: Superchickland

Pinwheel Garland {on bales of straw}: Peckled

Dress & Hairpiece: Snazziedrawers

Brigadeiro: Simply Brigadeiro

Lollipops: Vintage Confections

Chalkboard Sign: Moulage Collection

Horse Hairbow: Dapper Duckling Designs

Furniture Rental: Parties By Design

Confetti, Tassels & 36″ Clear Balloons: One Stylish Party

Custom Frame: Myour Stories Designs

Envelopes, Invitation Packets, Signs, Flags with Horses: Paper Candee

Crepe Paper Garland: Craft That Party

Horse & Hat Cake Pops: Evie & Mallow

GemPops: “O” Pops by Angie




  1. Beautiful soirée, Miranda! Every detail is gorgeous! Thanks for asking us to create a lil’ something for LaLa’s special day! ♥

  2. This is insanely well done! I’m in awe of your set up and how everything looks perfect! My cowgirl hat is off to you 😉

  3. Julisa says:

    LOVE IT!!!! I LOVE IT!

  4. Love all the beautiful details. The all about me chart is wonderful and beautiful. I love the horse design and the fact that they got to ride a horse in the street right outside your house. That is awesome.

  5. Not very many times am I so impressed, but you’ve got my attention! WELL DONE!!!!