{Transformers Party} Twins 5th Birthday

 I have FINALLY organized all my pictures for my twins Transformers birthday! Woohoo! I’m only around oh… 5 months late practically. Any how… my boys love Transformers and they really love the Michael Bay movies that came out these past few years. I saw so many of the cute cartoon versions that I decided that I wanted to do more of a metal/grunge version.

With so much going on as of late I was unable to create printables but I knew that since I couldn’t that I wanted Jason and Heather from Hello My Sweet to! The two of them come up with the most creative themes and this is no exception! I didn’t want to over do the decor or treats this time since our main focus was letting them have a good time. I figured that for my boys I’d learn to chill a bit when it came to the set up and make up for it with  my daughters! Hehehehe… The gigantic cupcake stand was made by my sister and brother in law over at Cute Kids Food Box and it comes in so handy!!! I spray painted it this year a metallic black to match the theme. The cupcake toppers by Lynlee’s Petite Cakes were made to match the printables and were awesome!

Hello My Sweet created a huge background for me! I LOVE the city background with the sky/outerspace feel. I cut it into three sections and printed off three 20×30’s. Much less expensive than a 60×30. I think it was around $12 for the whole thing! I used three black foam boards behind the 60×30 too!


I just loved all the treats on the dessert table! The cake pops where totally awesome and so well done! And they were beyond yummy!! I had two sets of  cookies made for the party. I wanted a more vintage Transformer set and then ones to match the movie theme/printables. Brenda from Sugar High about knocked me off my feet with the cake toppers! I also met a local lady who created the cakes to look like metal and they were tasted so good!

I put baggies of chicken nuggets in the smaller take out boxes and then in the paper bags I put Uncrustables. Perfect set of food choices for toddlers (in this house that is)

I wanted each of the children to have a plate but with time and cost I was only able to create two plates. One Optimus and one Bumblebee. With the others I cheated… I printed out the stickers and placed them on the plain black melamine plates from Target. The plates were only $1 each and it came out to just a bit more than paper plates so I said what the heck! 🙂

Each child got to go home with their own Transformer pretend toy too! They were tied to the back of each of their chairs.

I found the little wooden Transformers at Cracker Barrel and thought it was meant to be! The gable boxes were empty so the children could have a container to put their candy from the pinata and then they could choose what they wanted from the thank you gifts. Gumball tubes, Rootbeer, Lemonade, Cherry, & Berry scented play dough, Robot Crayons, Transformer Toy, Tranformer favor box with mini cookies inside, and Masks.

By far my FAVORITE part of the party design was creating an Optimus Prime truck! Hubby thought I was crazy but I was determined to create this truck! I used heavy duty boxes, empty cans, air filter (front of truck), and LOTS AND LOTS of DUCK TAPE! It lasted for a few weeks after till the kids used it to death… was so sad to see it go!

It wouldn’t be a party without Optimus Prime and Bumblebee now would it?! We purchased an Optimus Prime costume for the hubby to wear and surprise the children with!  (my oh so smarty pants Tristan goes… that’s DAD! I said no, it’s Optimus… He then proceeded to show me Optimus’ shoes…. BUSTED!) Hubby has on his sneakers… LOL!

My favorite part was getting to see the video of the great day! Stephanie, our photographer did such an amazing job with the video! It has started a new tradition for this family. I love the idea of getting to sit back years from now and view the videos of my babies! Just click on the link below!

{video}: transformersfinal-640

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